What I do

Know this guy? It’s not me! That’s Hans Christian Andersen; probably the greatest storyteller ever. Though I tell stories too; your story.

Hi, I’m Gavin Winter. I provide my copy writing services through Write First Time, a division Customer Code Consulting Inc.

Whether spinning a yarn for laughs, promoting a product, or advocating a message, it’s what I’ve done all my life and how I earned my corporate crust.

Mr Andersen told fanciful fairy tales. My stories are woven around your reality.

I’ll excel for you, because I offer a unique combination of situational experience and intelligent word crafting…

Shaped by experiences

* Thirty years’ senior marketing and agency work, hundreds of millions of dollars of sales

* Leadership roles from showroom to board room, global practice lead, and my own consultancy.

* Expertise in customer journeys, experience and loyalty management, and 360° stakeholder engagement and activation.

* Led corporate and start-up SaaS platform developments e.g.; Enterprise Feedback Management and Online Insights Communities.

* B2C and B2B sector experience in; Automotive, Travel and Hospitality, Retail Banking, Telecoms and Insurance.

* Proven success both sides of the client-vendor relationship.

Inspired by what’s to come

* Originally from London, UK. Now living in Toronto, Canada.

* I’ve worked extensively in the U.S. and globally in a variety of diverse settings.

* I keep my finger on the pulse and am an active venture capital, private equity investor in the mobile Fin-tech and marketing intelligence sectors.

* Personal interests provide rich source material e.g.; distance cycling, fine wines, international travel, arts, culture and non-profit.

But, enough about me…

What happens next depends on you!

Great storytellers understand their client’s stakeholders and speak in their voice to; convert interest into action, reinforce relationships or inform, educate and entertain.

Your business is your passion, bringing your message to your audience is mine.

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